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Business Benefits - Going Green

Commercial businesses can save money by going green with solar panel installation. Solar systems can be installed on-site, including rooftops, canopy systems on parking areas, and ground-mounted systems where space permits. Additionally, businesses can integrate EV charging stations for employees to charge electric vehicles while working, further reducing their carbon footprint. Implementing solar energy not only reduces electricity bills but also enhances brand reputation and attracts environmentally-conscious customers. Moreover, incorporating battery storage devices allows the business owner to maximize "net metering" benefits. Ask us more about net metering!

Incentives For Going Solar

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels

30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Unlock financial benefits for your business with solar. Get a 30% investment tax credit. We prioritize top-quality solar equipment from tier-one sources.

Ask us about our grant writing staff for more benefits.

Maximize Savings

As a business owner, capitalize on the first-year accelerated depreciation, factoring in the investment tax credit. This write-off, based on project cost, is a non-cash expense.

Additionally, our grant writers, will help you gain access to government grants that need not be repaid.

Bonus Points

Experience swift proposal delivery based on your utility bill, recognizing the value of time. Our solar installation services boast a 90-day completion window, tailored to your location's permitting and interconnection requirements.

Start your savings journey

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