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Why RENT your power when you can OWN IT?

We believe in putting the power back in your hands. With PowerLease, our solar roofing solutions make energy independence simple and smart. Take control, save money, and embrace a greener tomorrow with us.

Is your roof 15 years or older?

Switching Roofs
Installing Solar Panels

Kill two birds with one stone

With one shot you can bundle your new roof costs with your new solar panels so you no longer need to rent your power.

If you have a roof that's 15 years or older, we can replace it and include solar in a long-term bundled financing solution. A combined tax-impacted net financing and budgeted solution.

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Claim your $1,000 bonus

PowerLease wants to provide its assistance in allowing $1,000 dollar signing bonus for rooftop replacement plus a $1,000 signing bonus for solar installation. You might not need a new roof, but you still qualify for the solar portion.

Why  solar



Installation Period:
Our expert team aims to complete a full solar panel installation within 60-90 calendar days.
Efficiency in Process:
Benefit from a streamlined installation process designed for efficiency and customer convenience.
Prompt Energy Savings:
Start enjoying energy savings shortly after installation, with a commitment to timely project completion.

Filling Out Tax Form

Tax Benefits

Federal Tax Credits:
Benefit from federal tax credits covering up to 30% of the total solar installation cost.
State Incentives:
Many states offer additional incentives, such as rebates and tax credits, further reducing upfront costs.
Increased Property Value:
Solar panels can add an average of $15,000 to the resale value of a home, providing a long-term financial benefit.

Image by Goutham Krishna

Energy Efficiency

Clean, Renewable Energy:
Solar panels harness clean and renewable energy from the sun, reducing dependence on fossil fuels.
Carbon Emission Reduction:
The average residential solar system could save the equivalent of planting 150 trees per year, helping combat climate change.
Energy Independence:
Solar energy contributes to a decentralized energy system, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

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